Relationship Wellness

IF your relationships are well, you have a foundation upon which you can build the life you imagine, full of love and support. Relationship wellness is about building life habits that develop positive interactions and healthy, fulfilling relationships with others.

Building Life Habits

Help to develop positive interactions and healthy fulfilling relationships with others. Most aspects of our wellness are difficult but generally under our control. However, interpersonal relationships play a critical part in our self development throughout our lives and often require more effort since they contain the unpredictable variable of other people. Your wellness is not just reflective of your choices but also the choices of those you surround yourself with. It is important to remember that every human interaction has the ability to shape and change you sometimes only briefly, but other times the effects can last a lifetime.

We Are All Social Beings

Our lives are made up of various types of relationships. We have relationships with family, friends, boss, and coworkers. We interact with others countless times throughout the day, so it is important to have the skills to relate with people in a variety of situations. Functional, healthy relationships are more than just connecting with someone; they involve being able to handle conflict effectively, open up communication, and support each other for mutual benefit.

It Is Easy To See How Bad Relationships Can Affect Your Wellness

Can cause stress, wear on your emotions, and disrupts sleep and eating habits. People who are social are less susceptible to illnesses and have an early death rate two to three times lower than the socially isolated. In a report gathered by Viterbo University in Wisconsin, it was shown that when human companionship is lacking, cholesterol levels are higher.  A close relationship can make you healthy while also making you feel healthy. Good relationships boost esteem, lighten your mood, and fill that human need to connect with somebody.

IF You Are Well Is About

How family, friends, romantic partners, and coworkers influence your wellness, and you’ll also learn habits for building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in your life. These habits will help you develop good relationship wellness that will:

  • Foster open communication
  • Help to adjust and develop new friendships
  • Create more time to spend with friends and family
  • End harmful relationships
  • Find a balance between independence and codependence
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Create quality relationships with coworkers