Physical Wellness

IF you’re physically well, you have more energy, vitality, and power to achieve goals in all aspects of life. Physical wellness involves building necessary healthy habits to maintain a healthy body and a healthy you.

What Comes To Mind When You Think Of Physical Wellness?

Definitions range from being able to participate in and enjoy an active lifestyle, to being in peak physical condition, such as what is demonstrated by famous athletes. Like any goal, if physical wellness remains undefined, it is almost impossible to find the motivation to work towards that goal. While almost everyone would like to be as physically fit as their favorite football player or super model, for most this is unrealistic. IF You Are Well as a whole does not seek to define what your goals should be... This is a very personal choice that must factor in physical ability, as well as family and lifestyle. Instead, IF You Are Well offers tips on creating small habits you can incorporate into your everyday life that will enhance your overall wellness. To start your journey to improved physical wellness, you should realistically assess what your definition of physical wellness is and what goals you would like to reach.

The Cornerstone For Completion

Physical wellness involves a variety of aspects that support well-being. The Boston Medical Center’s website indicates that approximately 45 million Americans diet each year, and have spent approximately $33 billion on weight loss products in their pursuit of a trimmer, fitter body. Working towards physical wellness isn’t just about trying to lose weight. While losing weight and looking better can provide great motivation, it can also backfire, causing you to give up when you don’t see significant results quickly.

The Key To Physical Wellness

Realize that incorporating small healthy changes into your lifestyle produces necessary weight loss as a side effect, rather than viewing it as the primary goal. For optimum physical wellness, everyone needs to practice good habits that include eating healthy, regular exercise, hygiene routines, and getting adequate rest and relaxation. Physical wellness fosters a healthier body that runs more efficiently and helps you feel better physically, while exploring other areas of complete wellness.

The Importance Of Physical Wellness

The effect it has on emotional wellness has been known for years, but few people realize just how important physical wellness is to a balanced life. Diet, exercise, and rest have profound effects on how you feel emotionally. Exercise is also a great way for some people to connect to their spiritual wellness, through mind/body exercises like yoga or tai chi. Exploring physical wellness together can help people build healthier social relationships. Total health reaches far beyond physical wellness, but adequate physical wellness provides a good foundation for a satisfying and complete life.